Ground Ring Terminal 2.5_2.6_2.7 Ground ring terminal O-type terminal

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  • Brand Name: Yuting
  • Material: Brass
  • Plating: Tin
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    Place of Origin Dongguan China 
    Type Crimp Terminal
    Brand Name Yuting
    Model Number Customized Ground Ring Terminal 
    Product name Ground Ring Terminal
    Material Brass
    Plating Tin
    Certificate CE, ROHS

    Our stock thickness for our ferrous and non-ferrous metals ranges from 0.01mm to 2mm and the stock width ranges from 10mm to 1000mm with pre-plated and finishing options. We also work with a complete range of materials to offer customers a large choice in specifications, including:


    1. Steel

    2. Aluminum

    3. Stainless Steel

    4. Plastics

    5. Copper

    6. Brass

    7. Specialty Metals


    1. Precision casting equipment:melting furnace,injection machine,hanger shot blasting machine, table shot blasting machine, cutting machine,Autoclave dewax machine,Manipulator for shell making,slurry machine,Evaporator,grinding machine,Sand spreading machine.water chiller,Dehumidifier,Roasting furnace,etc.

    2. Precision casting raw material: mullite sand,colloidal silica,grinding belt, pattern wax,Stainless steel ball,wax cleaning liquid,wetting agent.anti foam agent,Slag Removal,etc.

    3. Precision casting Parts:casting, pipe fittings, valves,fasteners, and CNC machining hardware, with mainly stainless steel,brass ,copper ,Aluminum material.


    We also specialized in varieties of terminals or connector,in stock,item name: cable tie; joint; brass terminal; terminal crimping tool ; Gland;terminal block; ;furcate terminal;ring terminal;naked terminal;pre insulated terminal;insert needle naked terminal;middle joint;naked terminal in the middle;male/female terminal.etc,if you have any need,please dont hesitate to contact me.


    Business philosophy and principle

    To be honest and sincerity

    To run business of law-abiding

    To create value for customers

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