Customized Metal Brass Front And Back Socket Shrapnel Stamping Brass Terminal For Outlet

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  • Certificate: ISO9001:2015/SGS/RoHS
  • Tolerance: 0.02mm-0.1mm
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    Superior electrical contact.

    Premium Quality- Heat Tested.

    Resistant to corrosion.

    Brass Gold Plated for Increased Power Flow.

    8 Gauge Power Wire/ Ground Wire Ring Terminals.

    5/16"(about 8.5mm) ring diameter.

    Widely used in the automotive electronic field, electrical devices and cars, boats van etc.

    Material available Carbon steel, Stainless steel, spring steel, Bronze, brass, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, tinplate, nickel silver
    Surface treatment  zinc/nickel/chrome/tin plating(colour or natural), Galvanization, anodizing, oil spraying, powder coating, polishing, passivate, brush, wire drawing, painting, etc.
    Metal processing available Tooling making, Prototype, Cutting, Stamping, Welding, Tapping, Bending and Forming, Machining, Surface treatment, Assembly 
    Specification OEM/ODM, as per client' s drawing or sample
    Certificate ISO9001:2015/SGS/RoHS
    Tolerance 0.02mm-0.1mm
    Software Auto CAD, Soliworks, PDF
    Application automotive parts, railroad parts,medical parts, marine parts, lighting parts, pump body, valve parts,architectural parts and furniture parts, etc.

    Progressive Metal Stampings


    Progressive metal stamping is one type of metalworking which involves punching, coining, bending and many other techniques that modifies metal components and raw materials of metal stampings combined with automatic feeding system. The feeding system is helpful in pushing the metal stamping from a coil. It then passes through various stations of the progressive metal stamping die. In each of these stages, the metal stamping undergoes one or more operation that is required to obtain the final product. At the final stage, the finished parts get cut off and get ejected.

    At first, the metal stamping die is placed over the reciprocating metal stamping press. The press then moves up and the top die moves in synchronization with it. This action allows the material to reach in. As the press then moves down, the die gets closed and the stamping operation is carried out. With each one of the press' stroke, the completed part of die of stamping on metal gets removed from the die.

    It is necessary to ensure precise placement of the strip so that it does not get misplaced in any way during its course of travel from one station to the other. This however cannot be provided by the feeding mechanism and hence, 'pilots' are used for proper placement of strips. These pilots can either conical or bullet-like in shape.

    Here, we have diverse range of capabilities in metal production. This ranges from gauge to other high-strength components. We are readily equipped and prepared to handle any production volume demanded from our clients. You can send in the drawing samples to us and we would send our quote for custom metal stamping services accordingly.

    Main product

    ● Stamping Terminal

    ● Wire Connectors Terminals

    ● 187 Terminal Connector

    ● Ground Ring Terminal

    ● Waterproof Terminal Connectors

    ● Pin Terminal Connectors

    ● Copper Ribbon Wire

    ● PCB Terminal Block

    ● Adapter Power Supply

    ● IC Socket Connector

    ● Wire Harness Terminals

    ● Pin Header Connector

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