Metal Stamped Automotive Connector Brass Terminal Connector _ Plug Spring Terminal_

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  • Material Thickness: 0.01-1.0mm
  • capacity: 200K per day
  • Tolerance: ±0.03
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    What Are The Four Main Types of Termination Available ?

    (1) Ring terminals are the most common. The ring on the end of the terminal is attached to a threaded stud and held in place with a nut. There are different size ring holes (or studs) depending on the equipment.

    (2) Spade terminals look like a two pronged fork. The advantage of a spade terminal is that you can attach them to a stud without completely removing the nut. Just loosen the nut, insert the spade terminal, and re-tighten. Some spades have a locking mechanism or bent flange that holds the spade in place even when the nut is loose.


    (3) Disconnect terminals slide in and out of each other. Naturally, one is female and one is male. These are used when the connection needs to be disconnected frequently. It is easy to slide the disconnect terminal on or off. Some disconnects are “fully insulated” so that no part of the connection is exposed after pushing the two together.

    (4) Butt splices are simple tubes that are used to connect two pieces of wire. One piece of wire is inserted into each side of the butt splice and the wire is crimped on each side. This is especially helpful to reconnect a wire that is accidentally cut.

    (5) There are other specialty terminals as well. Ferrules, piggy back, snap plug etc. Contact for information or application advice on these products

    item round terminal chain type
    Application industrial/automotive/motorcycle/vehicle/power tool
    Package Reel package +Strong carton
    OEM Accept
    Color yellow
    Processing punching/stamping
    Material Thickness 0.01-1.0mm
    capacity 200K per day
    Material Brass
    Surface treatment N/A
    Certification TS16949/ROHS/ISO14001/ISO45001
    Tolerance ±0.03
    Function Wire connecting
    Connector type Crimping
    Function Wire connecting
    Connector type Crimping

    Why Choose Us


    1. Perfessional Manufacture In Terminals From Year 1999 , Wei Ting is a branch, head office Heng Fui enterprises in Hong Kong

    2. specializes in the production of copper wire, continuous terminal, motor copper brush sets, all kinds of metal pressure and pieces of motor-specific electrode, to map to design, such as a model. Products for the one-stop operation,

    widely used in 

    washing machines, color televisions, refrigerators, disinfection cabinet, air conditioning, water dispenser, lamps, power tools,etc.

    Main product

    ● Stamping Terminal

    ● Wire Connectors Terminals

    ● 187 Terminal Connector

    ● Ground Ring Terminal

    ● Waterproof Terminal Connectors

    ● Pin Terminal Connectors

    ● Copper Ribbon Wire

    ● PCB Terminal Block

    ● Adapter Power Supply

    ● IC Socket Connector

    ● Wire Harness Terminals

    ● Pin Header Connector

    ● Single Row Pin Header


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