3.81MM Curved Straight Pin Socket Pcb Plug-In Terminal Block 2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_10_12_14_16P

Short Description:

  • Operation temperature: -40°C ~150°C
  • Wire range: 28-12AWG 2.5MM2
  • Stripping Length : 3-5MM
  • Product Detail

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    Parameter and Drawing Specifications

    UL Technical Data B C D
    Rated Voltage / Current V/A 300/10   300/10
    Wire Range AWG 12-26   12-26
    IEC Technical Data  
    Overvoltage Category
    Contamination Class 3 2 2
    Rated Voltage / Current V/A 250 / 10 400 / 10 630 / 10
    Rated Surge Voltage KV 4 4 4
    Rated Connecting Capacity mm2 2.5
    Insulation Material / Inflammability Class PA66 / UL94, V-0
    Clamp Cage / Plating Brass / Nickel Plated
    Terminal / Plating Brass / Tin Plated
    Screw / Plating Steel / Zinc Plated
    Other Data  
    PCB Hole Diameter mm φ1.4
    Stripping Length mm 6-7
    Screw / Torque / lbf.in M3 / 4.4-5.3

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    Product Description

    Material and plate Electrical Specifications
    Crimping frame Brass nickel plate Rated Voltage 300V
    Plastic Parts PA66,UL94V-0 Rated Current 12A
    Screw M3,steel zin plate Contact resistance  20MΩ
    Color Green Insulation resistance 5000 MΩ DC500V
    Working Conditions Insulation withstand voltage AC2000V/1Min
    Operation temperature -40°C ~150°C Wire range 28-12AWG 2.5MM2
    Instantaneous temperature 250°C 5SEC Stripping Length  3-5MM

    Yuting Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic connectors and terminal blocks.

    The electronic connectors are: pin header, busbar, pin header, DC3 simple horn pin (Jane), DC2 horn pin (horn socket), IDC connector (FC type flat cable connector), DIP PLUG connection (FD type flat cable connector), locking double row test socket, 805 type gold finger socket, CY401 printed board socket, round hole socket, double round pin header, round hole pin header, round Hole IC socket, flat foot IC socket, dip switch (dial switch), DIN41612 European socket connector, short circuit block, short circuit cap (jumper cap), D-SUB connector, D-SUB connector assembly housing, gray row Line, rehearsal line, various wire harness processing, SCSI connector, bus socket, PLCC socket, aviation plug aviation socket, IP65-IP68 round waterproof connector, breadboard, etc. Mainly used in smart meters, LED lighting, computers, consumer electronics, communications equipment and LED display.

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